• BENSTEN К masonry grid refers to two systems of basalt or glass rovings arranged perpendicular to each other, interknit with a third one, a knitting polyester yarn, and impregnated with polymer dispersions.

  • Physical and mechanical properties


    Property Unit


    50/50-25 (100)


    70/70-25 (100)

    Type of fiber   basalt glass
    Color of mesh   black white
    Surface weight g/m² 200±15 320±15
    Size of a square mesh side mm 25х25±2 11х11±1
    Loss on ignition % ≥18 ≥18
    Tensile strength
    longitudinal kN/m ≥50 ≥70
    transverse kN/m ≥50 ≥70
    Elongation at maximum break
    longitudinal % ≤4 ≤4
    transverse % ≤4 ≤4
    Width of roll cm 100±2% 100±2%
    Length of roll m 50±5% 50±5%


    Manufacture of the material with other physical and mechanical properties is accepted upon agreeing about with a consumer.


  • Typical application:

    during construction (in new construction) of as well as during repair, reinforcement or renovation of residential and municipal buildings which consist of various wall materials (calcium-silicate or ceramic bricks, foam concrete blocks, breeze blocks):

    • for reinforcement of horizontal brickwork joints in order to increase load-bearing capacity and integrity thereof
    • for reinforcement of clay block walling systems with a hollowness exceeding 30% in order to save grout in mortar joints and ensure regulatory level of thermal conductivity of masonry walls
    • as binding elements in multilayer brickworks while binding a layer of brick veneer with a main inner wall of various wall materials
    • for reinforcement of foundations and floor cement screeds
    • as reinforcement of waterproof finish in accommodation buildings (underground floors, swimming pools)
    • Cheaper than metal mesh at equal tensile properties
    • Basalt meshes are easy to handle: the meshes are lighter, space-saving, cause no injuries to hands, subject to high-level adherence to walls, cuttable to rolls of required width, effortlessly cuttable to required dimensions
    • Not decayable, abrasion-resistant, resistant to rust, aggressive media which include alkali
    • Dielectric – would not conduct electricity
    • Thermally stable, absence of cold bridge effect
    • Decreased masonry joint as compared to metal meshes.