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  • MOBISTEK Mobile Road Pavement (MRP) is a composite product which consists of glassfiber reinforced plastic and filling materials.


  • Physical and mechanical properties


    Thickness of a slab mm 110 40
    Weight of a slab kg 710 490
    Overall dimension      
    length m 6.0 6.0
    width m 2.2 2.0
    Useful dimension      
    length m 5.65  
    width m 1.85  


    Manufacture of the material with other physical and mechanical properties is accepted upon agreeing about with a consumer.

  • Typical application:

    • short-period installation of temporary roads and floorings for construction activities amidst severe soil and geographic conditions including swamps of I and II types

    • construction of temporary passways and floorings for construction activities for protection of herb stratum on top soil

    • construction of service lanes and platforms during construction and installation activities on main pipelines

    • temporary passes over various distribution lines

    • use in elimination of emergencies.

    MRP MOBISTEK-80 composite slabs are best-performing on water-logged soils, swamps of I–II types, exhibit positive buoyancy, can sustain machinery weighing up to 80 tonnes; MRP MOBISTEK-ECO slabs are best-performing if used as substitution for ferro-concrete slabs on hard bases, the slabs can sustain machinery weighing up to 120 tonnes.


    • Rapid installation

    • Multiple use resulting in saved monetary funds

    • Positive buoyancy

    • Modularized design (any configuration of a flooring is possible)

    • Preservation of vegetation mantle and environmental resources

    • Surface texture of a slab prevents slipping

    • According to a feasibility study by Gazprom VNIIGAZ, MOBISTEK Mobile Road Pavement is repaid as soon as used for the 8th time as compared to woodstrip floorings

    • Weather resistance and resistance to chemically corrosive environment