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IPS-T needle-punched glass fabric
IPS-T needle-punched glass fabric

IPS-T needle-punched glass fabric

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  • IPS-T needle-punched glass fabric is an airlaid glass web, with its fibres entangled by multiple needle punching.

  •  Physical and mechanical properties


    Property Unit IPS-Т
    Mass per unit area g/m² 1000±200
    Thickness mm 4.0-8.0
    Thermal conductivity at a temperature of (25±5)°С, not more than W/(m°К) 0.041
    Standard roll size
    width mm 1170±16
    length m ≥15

     Manufacture of the material with other physical and mechanical properties is accepted upon  greeing about with a consumer.

  • Typical application:

    • insulation of piping and equipmentat a temperature ranging from -200°С to +550°С,
    • other thermoinsulating purposes.
    • possibility of reducing weight of an intermediate ceiling and thickness of walls,
    • the material is non-toxic, non-flammable, explosion-proof,
    • web can be cut to right size.