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  • POLISET geogrid is a polymer grid formed by two systems of polymer yarns interknit with a third one, a knitting yarn, and impregnated with a polymer binding agent.

  • Physical and mechanical properties


    Property Unit







    Surface weight g/m² ≥200 ≥400 ≥150
    Size of a square mesh side mm, ±10% 20х20/50х50 2.5x2.5
    Tensile strength        
    longitudinal kN/m ≥50 ≥100 ≥30
    transverse kN/m ≥50 ≥100 ≥30
    Longitudinal elongation at maximum load % ≤13 ≤13 ≤13
    Transverse elongation at maximum load % ≤13 ≤13 ≤13
    Standard roll size        
    width m not more than 5.2
    length m 50/75/100


    Manufacture of the material with other physical and mechanical properties is accepted upon agreeing about with a consumer.


  • Typical application:

    polyester-based geogrids are used to ensure stability, steadiness and required load-carrying capability of road structures, аs well as to prevent ingress of coarse-fractioned materials to underlayers when constructing permanent and temporary roads, including those on weak base.


    • the grids are manufactured of high-strength corrosion-resistant polyester yarns,
    • sucsessfully  used for reinforcement of road dressing in touch with coarse-fractioned (inert) materials.